Video Spell and the news!

It’s been a long time - long time, no see, no hear!

Well, good news generation is really tough work.
Not wasting our time, we were heavily working over our latest project and today we present our mobile spell called:
#bPlayerSpell – a combination of unique features (together with #LiveTV && #VOD) piece of software, capable to provide High #Quality streams and deliver great UX!

Say "Hello!" to our last story to tell - #вPlayerSpell!

Of course, it is backed with the latest version of our state of the tech art video encoding solution #вEncoder!!!

You can find the full story here!

Are you waiting for the new series of the original BNT1 production "Под прикритие" / "Undercover"?
Eisode two is bEncoded & uploaded.


DisCOVER the FULL potential of "UnderCOVER" in FULL HD/1080p as you will not elsewhere in Bulgaria!
For the video we used just 1.5Mbps!

The competition uses 1.3Mbps for 480p, we need much less for 720p including the audio!
When they do encode 720p they need 1.43Mbps, hence we need less than 5% more bandwidth to deliver more than TWO+ times more pixels (1080p) to your screens.

Let your own eyes be the quality of experience Judge!

Follow us, enjoy our high quality&low speed bEncoded content - DemoLink

*All parts of the episode 3 of Season 5 are here

Video Spell proudly presents its all new site for Live high quality & low speed SPORT streams -!

Video Spell bEncoded a 4K UHD test clip suggested by the HEVC / H.265 community.

The verdict - "the encoded result is of high quality for such low bitrate. I found your clip more pleasant to watch "

Have you ever thought about 4K?
- 4K, h.264 and bEncoding speeds going down to 5.1Mbps.

Impossible, you will say!

- What about 4K, HEVC and bEncoding speeds going down to 3.8Mbps with SSIM values >= 96.6%?
- Want 10bit colour?

You think this is a joke?
Then you are on the right spot!

Please check our Demo section for more details!

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