Video Spell is a Bulgarian - Dutch company operating in the field of multimedia video content processing and delivery to any IP enabled location.

Our primary focus is the implementation and application of high-tech solutions and products.

Video Spell brings to your attention the highest possible optimization in the video compression algorithm known up to date on a global scale - bEncoder

Our technological solution, with unique capabilities, is designed to serve everyone connected with the multimedia video content processing and delivery – Live streams, VOD, PPV, IPTV, ...

Everyone who uses our products and services, started to decode the abbreviation IPTV as Internet Provided TeleVision.

As a consequence, this lead to the highest possible levels in the Quality of Experience (QoE) area!

Our management team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to our young company. They cultivate our strong culture, and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Since we do our business the SMART way we keep it Simple, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

This is the main reason why we were able to innovate the UHD & 4K video compression future!