Video Spell brings to your attention the highest possible optimisation in the video compression algorithm known up to date on a global scale - bEncoder, suitable for:

Video Spell main technology differentiator is the ability to reach much better video signal compression while keeping the stream comliant to the ISO standards. Our product outperforms twice HEVC / h.265 and beats MPEG4 AVC / h.264 three times on average, while maintaining the high quality of the video signal (over 97.2% SSIM).

Since our MPEG stream is h.264 compliant no additional decoders are necessary.

Comparison table of the most wide spread codecs:

Stream quality

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Video Spell  Live Stream

Video Spell VOD



VP8 / Google

Mobile (240P)

0.3 Mbps

0.05 Mbps

1.5 Mbps

1 Mbps

0.8 Mbps

SD/DVD (480P)

0.6 Mbps

0.20 Mbps

4 Mbps

1.6 Mbps

1.4 Mbps

HD (720P)

 1.0 Mbps

0.50 Mbps

10 Mbps

6 Mbps

4 Mbps

3D HD (720P)

1.2 Mbps

0.70 Mbps

18 Mbps

14 Mbps

7 Mbps

Full HD (1080P)

2 Mbps

1.0 Mbps

20 Mbps

12 Mbps

9 Mbps

4K UHD (2160P)


8 Mbps




8K UHD (4320p)


16 Mbps





What doors will open Video Spell's solutions for you?

Using our bEncoder, together with bStreaming spells, you will be able to overcome the delivery problem through the Internet to the end customer.
You will forget problems like:

All being said means that the end customer will need an Internet connection and video decoding device to be able to watch high quality HD, Full HD, 3D and SD television.

Providing 4K UHD (2160p) and 8K UHD (4320p) video content will be an option when using our high quality low bitrate bLive video streams.