1.   Encoding and transcoding of video   streams and clips in a form suitable for various transmission media and every screen:

As we see huge potencial laying behind IP medium, we can say that this is our main target. This is why we keep our focus right there.

Our services are targeted towards telecom operators and content providers.

After we process your Live TV signal or VOD content, you will not meet any unintentional geo blocking problems delivering your content to any point on this planet.

While broadcasting, the delivery medium laying in the middle between you and your end users, will not be an obstacle anymore - WiMAX, 3G mobile network, ... you name it!

We can be YOUR tool to expand your audience. That is, you will be able to deliver multimedia video content (Full HD, QHD (Quad HD), UHD (Ultra High HD), 4K, ... ) with high quality, at ultra low bitrate stream speeds, at the lowest possible price compared to any known alternative.

We will help you implement the win-win scenario, for you and for your customers, using your multiscreen service.

You already know that the alternatives are pricey, limiting the range of potential customers OR delivered with low QoE (Quality of Experience).

 2.  Processing of video clips  for delivery of VOD (Video on demand) content or PPV (Pay Per View) service

 3.  HD, Full HD, QHD (Quad HD), UHD (Ultra High HD), 4K content to every IP enabled location  you want! With no unwanted geographical blocking, delivery medium obstacles or broadcast technology limits used for your multiscreen services.

 4.  Multiscreen IPTV   - your customers will realize huge capacity savings, while at the same time you will be able to significantly diminish your network OPEX and CAPEX for network expansion!

You will get the ability to surve much higher count of end users, even multiply them!

Your network traffic load will severly drop down, not by some percents but you will observe a few folds down

 5.  Ability to create an Internet television  with your own content using our inteligent content management platform, streaming servers or CDN

 6.  Streaming of Live events , traffic load preview of key crossings, vacaiton areas, etc.

 7.  The perfect OTT (over the top) solution  on the market

 8.  Security Surveillance  industry

 9.  Digital Signage / Hotel TV  applications

10.  Embedding video player  in customer’s web site

11.  Consultancy services 


We can provide our services in two formats:

Local use:

Remote use: